History and Mission

The Sephardic Museum of Caracas Morris E. Curiel was created in 1999 as a non-profit institution, affiliated to the Asociación Israelita de Caracas (Israeli Association of Caracas), founded in 1930, that groups the Sephardic Jews of Venezuela. On June 20th, 2010, the first stage of its facilities was opened to the public, next to the Tiferet Israel Synagogue, that also forms part of the Museum's tour.

The Museum defines its mission statement as to compile, conserve, study and divulge the cultural heritage of the Jewish People, comprising documents, books, objects and art pieces that are testimony of the history, culture and values, especially of the Jewish community of Venezuela.

Also, the Museum seeks to promote the preservation of the memory of the Jewish presence in Spain, the Expulsion, the Inquisition, the Diaspora as well as the Shoa, through events, conferences and temporary exhibitions. Also, the Museum conceives the tradition not only as a heritage but also as a constant happening that projects into the future, and therefore it supports contemporary cultural and artistic initiatives from the Venezuelan as well as the International Jewish community.

The Museum bears the name of its benefactor, Morris E. Curiel (1920-2007), a descendant of a distinguished Sephardic family of Curacao, a prominent banker and entrepreneur that developed very important philanthropic work in support to education and culture.


Abraham Levy Benshimol


Ana Caufman


Esther Gabizón de Chocrón


Mauricio Obadía Ohayón


Monique Harrar Ben Fredj

Sub Treasurer

Samuel Amiel Dezman
José Chocrón Cohén
Sol Ponte
Sima Taranto
Sol Bendayán de Bretto
Renee Gilda Zafrani
Rachel Figa de Botbol


Alberto Moryusef Fereres
Priscilla Abecasis de Bigio
Miriam Taurel de Salas


Abraham Botbol Hachuel

Honorary President


Daniel Benhamou Addrai


Edgar Benaim Carciente

First Vicepresident

Abraham Benzaquen Gabizon

Second Vicepresident

Samuel Chocron Nahon

Third Vicepresident

Jose Bentata Benbunan


Elias Benzaquen Israel

Sub Secretary

Albert Elias Israel Sabach


Eliseo Melamed Matalon

Sub Treasurer

David Pulver Elbaz

Religious and synagogue matters director

Jacobo Suiza Aserraf

Hebra director

Abi Gatenio Lancry

Furniture and estate director<

Rachel Lily Cohen Guenoun

Social Care director

Salomon Levy Anidjar
Albert Avi Sayegh Encagua
Elias Melul Bentolila


Alberto Bassan Bali


Leon Jacobo Taurel Shamis

Alternate Controller

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