Isaac Chocron Reading Room

Isaac Chocrón, the most prominent playwright of Venezuela and one of the most important in the Spanish language of the XX century, was born in the Venezuelan city of Maracay in 1930 and passed away in Caracas on November 6th, 2011.

He is the author of 21 plays, among them Mónica y el Florentino (Monica and Florentino), Animales feroces (Wild animals), Asia y el Lejano Oriente (Asia and the Far East), La Revolución (The Revolution), Mesopotamia, Clipper, and others.

Es autor de 21 obras de teatro, entre ellas Mónica y el Florentino, Animales feroces, Asia y el Lejano Oriente, La Revolución, Mesopotamia, Clipper.

He is also the author of 8 novels and numerous essays about the theater.

Isaac Chocrón has donated to the Museum his personal archives, comprising manuscripts, photographs, press clippings, books on theater, filmed plays, as well as Studies on his work.

All these documents can be consulted in the Isaac Chocron Reading Room, next to the Museum.

Interested parties may visit the Room, requesting an appointment by calling 578 14 89.

Colección Isaac Chocrón

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